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Nan Wallis and Lindsey Brower
Owners/Founders Nan & Lindsey

Why Did We Create Wetlands Sake?

We love sake. It’s that simple.

We love where it comes from — the deep-rooted origins and rich traditions.

We love how it's made — handcrafted, naturally sulfite-free, tannin-free, and gluten-free.

Most of all, we love how it tastes — refreshingly light, smooth, and sweet.

Sake is a beloved beverage around the world, but we noticed something was missing here at home. Americans are loosely familiar with sake, but it’s often only associated with food and usually ordered by the bottle or glass. Unfamiliar flavor descriptions and complex labels sometimes prevent Americans from giving sake a chance.

Why don’t we reach for sake at the bar or grab one from the cooler? Why isn’t sake part of the standard drinking lineup? What if we could create a truly American craft sake that people could easily understand, sip, and share, no matter where they are or what they’re doing?

So we did just that.

We brought in experienced brewers to develop delicious sake recipes using time-honored fermenting techniques, high-quality ingredients, and unique local resources. From the beginning, we were determined to use Louisiana rice in our sake. After months of testing and collaboration, we settled on a unique short-grain rice—developed by the LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station—and began growing it right here in our home state.

Our love for the wetlands stems from our childhood. As Louisiana natives, we grew up surrounded by the beautiful sights, sounds, and adventures the wetlands have to offer. It was on this quest to create an American craft sake that we began to truly understand the role that wetlands play in supporting the cultivation of rice — a worldwide food staple.

Thus the name Wetlands Sake was born, along with our commitment to donate a portion of profits to support the conservation of America's wetlands. A natural fit for a natural product.

Koji-making in action

Our sakes are brewed in the heart of New Orleans, a destination known for world-class food and drink. Our taproom features eight taps of rotating craft sakes including a variety of traditional sakes and an exciting series of sake cocktails. You can also find our them at retailers, bars, and restaurants - in single-serve cans and meant to be enjoyed wherever your adventure takes you.

We hope you enjoy Wetlands Sake as much as we do. Together, we’re helping save America’s Wetlands, while bringing sake to the forefront of the American beverage experience.

The Wetlands Sake Team