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Koji Spores
Farming, Milling and Rice Preparation Steps

1 Farming

Our unique rice is grown and harvested in Louisiana, just for us, by The LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station.

2 Milling

The rice is milled and polished of its outer shell to its starchy core.

3 Rice Preparation

The rice is washed, soaked and steamed, all to help facilitate the growth of the Koji.

Koji Cultivation and Fermentation Steps

4 Koji Cultivation

Koji spores are applied to freshly steamed rice and cultivated in a warm, humid environment.

5 Fermentation

Steamed rice, Koji, water and yeast are added to the fermentation tank. The Koji converts the rice starch into sugar, which the yeast consumes to create alcohol.

Pressing & Filtration, and Pasteurization Steps

6 Pressing & Filtration

Once the sake is completely fermented, it is passed through a filter press to remove all rice sediments.

7 Pasteurization

The sake is then pasteurized to stop further fermentation which inhibits spoiling.

Koji Cultivation and Fermentation Steps

8 Canning

Our sake is canned in our Brewery using single serve cans, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

9 Distribution

Once packaged, our product is delivered to grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores and restaurants throughout Louisiana for your enjoyment!


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