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PRESS RELEASE: Wetlands Sake Taproom To Open 2/3/22

January 25, 2022

New Orleans, Louisiana
- Wetlands Sake announces February 3rd, 2022 as the official opening date of their taproom located at 634 Orange Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Grand Opening event will take place from 4-9pm and includes a crawfish boil, food trucks, and live music. The concept has been brought to life by New Orleans natives Nan Wallis and Lindsey Beard. It is their hope that the taproom becomes a hub and gathering space for the community.

The taproom is located in a converted warehouse in the Lower Garden District and features large picture windows overlooking the brewing facility. It is fitted with a garage door that opens to a plethora of outdoor seating including pergolas and a covered patio. The bar showcases eight taps of limited edition sakes available on a rotating basis. This includes a large variety of sake experiences including traditional sakes, hopped sake, sparkling sakes, and the creative concept of cocktail-inspired sake infusions. Additionally, adjoining market and eatery, The Commissary (opening late February), will serve a menu of elevated bar fare available during the same hours as the taproom.

Wetlands Sake has previously garnered fanfare in the community, following the introduction of their core portfolio in the market which includes two traditional sakes and two sparkling sakes. Their brewing team developed their skillset under the guidance of Japanese-trained sake brewers, resulting in finely crafted premium sakes. The innovative packaging format of cans - selected for their eco-friendly and infinitely recyclable nature - ensures both freshness and shelf-stability while making the beverage more accessible and portable. Additionally, the main ingredient is rice grown in Louisiana, so this is a truly local sake brand. The dedication to local resources is a part of their mission along with their pledge to donate a portion of profits to wetlands conservation.


Wetlands Sake is brewed in the heart of New Orleans using time-honored brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients sourced right here in Louisiana. We brew our sakes utilizing a unique short-grain rice developed by the LSU AgCenter Rice Research Center which is grown and cultivated in Louisiana. As Louisiana natives, we love the beautiful sights, sounds, and adventures of the wetlands. In the process of sourcing our ingredients, we discovered just how vital a role the wetlands play in the cultivation of rice. Thus the name Wetlands Sake was born, and with that name came our company’s commitment to wetlands conservation. A natural fit for a natural product - made available in single-serve cans meant to be enjoyed wherever your adventure takes you.


Katrina Matthews